Forget all about this well-written marketing copy and hear why real players like you are raving about Pierce Custom Instruments…

Ennio Fuzz

A truly fantastic fuzz that really is the last word in the Fuzzrite-type sound. — Steve

Just got the pedal today, and it is awesome! Sounds great with with my Gretsch, nice overdrivey-fuzz- but where it really shines is with my pedal steel. I’ve been searching for that Flying Burrito Bros. fuzz tone for my steel and the Ennio nails it! I appreciate all your help, and this is great pedal. — Andy

The Ennio is the best Fuzzrite I’ve tried. — WhoJamFan

I love the pedal because I can get a great page fuzzball sound.  I’m definitely going to get the word out here in San Antonio.  — Will

It has that Mosrite sound that I so love. It also sounds good even with the fuzz/gain knob turned to 9 o’clock or lower, which is certainly not true of many or most fuzzboxes. — Odyswood

I love the Ennio! Sounds amazing! I’m in a psych-rock band called The Warlocks and it fits right in perfect! If it holds up on the road, it will be the perfect pedal! — Earl

Takezo Overdrive

I’ve been using the Takezo quite a bit of late for recordings of my one-man lo-fi guitar army, Gert Frobe. It has become my overdrive of choice!

A) I love the raunch – this thing nicely straddles near-fuzz territory and is the sonic equivalent of getting one’s fly stuck on the privates. Grit, tearing, low level chainsaw mayhem.

B) It seems to sit in nicely with almost every mix I’ve come up with so far. My recordings are kind of formulaic at this juncture: I make a drum loop, add some bass maybe, and a snippet of a song, and then pile on guitars like I’m loading up a pack mule for a foray into the wilderness. Thus far it has really blended and played very nicely with all manner of other pedals: fuzzes, delays, etc.

Anyway, that’s enough blather out of me. Thanks for creating such a responsive and uncompromising OD. I personally hate OD pedals that add the finest hair of change to a guitar sound. The Takezo is NOT one of those. Not at ALL. — Steve

Hardass Boost/OD

The Major really shines with its multiple boost settings. Highly recommended. — WhoJamFan



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