Ennio_HemiOrange_01So, you were tired of the same old, went on the hunt for something different and found Pierce Custom Electronics?


But what if, despite the obvious kickassery of our lineup, you still want more?  More options, more interesting little toggle switches, more graphics, more different?

Then welcome to the PCI Custom Shop, and let the fun begin.

Part of the reason we build and design the way we do is so that, when someone calls me and asks if I can build a metallic orange sparkle Ennio with blue graphics, I don’t have to hit the standby switch.

With the PCB construction of most pedals – including bou-tweek pedals – you’re locked into whatever the designer felt was best at the time, as changes can range from difficult to nigh-impossible.  Since I build on perfboard, I can change the circuit from pedal to pedal to suit almost any need.

For instance…

  • Want a tone knob added to an Ennio Fuzz?
  • Think a 3-way Gain toggle on the Takezo would give you even finer adjustment?
  • Want a clandestine, mini-box version of our Hardass Boost to sneak past the front lines?

All possible, all fairly easy to implement.

Graphics are the same way.  I design and apply all our graphics myself, so if you have an absolutely killer pic of you wailing out a solo at your last gig and want that pic put on a pedal that’s going to make that same solo even more killer next time you play out, we can try to make that happen.

So if you’re feeling a bit Python and are in the mood for something completely different, drop us a line and we’ll talk.