Pierce Custom Instruments is a boutique tone shop turning out exceptional pedals priced for working musician.  We work to make great circuits even better with a sharp ear for change and by packing as many useful features into a standard-size enclosure as possible.  Each pedal is wired by hand for reliability and trouble-free operation, so you can count on your tone being right there every time you take the stage.

They ain’t bad to look at, either.

Some builders crowd up pedals with a bunch of extra controls, which can not only suck tone but often clutter up what’s otherwise a straightforward circuit.  That’s not our style.  We prefer to voice a circuit to sound great, then enhance it with simple, effective controls like gain switching or no-load tone selection to ramp up the versatility without making a mess of things.  Because we keep the signal path clean, our pedals tend to be low noise and react very well to playing dynamics.  Single-notes and double-stops maintain clarity, chords sound huge and most importantly, your sound still sounds like your sound.

And somehow, we manage to throw all this handmade boutique tone around at a price that makes mass-market pedals run and hide.

So if you’re looking for pedals that are built for the long haul, look as great as they sound and enhance the tone you’ve worked so hard to build – Welcome home.